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Yesterday I took Cassie, our neurotic, hard to walk, border collie for her first walk down by the river. We have two rivers that run through Eugene. The Willamette River and the McKenzie River. Both are absolutely beautiful and easily accessible.

Yesterdays adventure was along the Willamette River. There is a beautiful bike/walk/run path along both sides of the river. This is one of my favorite places to go for a run.

Walk by the river

Not 2 minutes into our walk, I came across this little guy just chillin on one of the benches. Not sure if someone left him there on purpose or if a poor little kid left him there by accident. :( Doesn’t he look like he’s say “Hey, what’s up?”

2014-03-13 09.30.02 (1)

It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday to boot. This is the time of year in Oregon that I like to call bipolar season. The weather can’t seem to decide if it wants to hold onto Winter and rain or embrace Spring and sunshine all the live long days.

2014-03-13 09.31.12

She was so excited for this walk. I usually don’t take her for walks in areas that have heavy foot or bike traffic for two reasons. 1) She HATES bicycles! Not sure why, but she always has. She has been known to knock a biker or two off their bike. Luckily no one has ever been hurt. And 2) She doesn’t do very well around stranger dogs. Dogs she has been around a few times she is great with, but new dogs are a different story. Plus I’m terrified of big dogs and my anxiety from that doesn’t help the situation.

I should probably address that huge bald spot on her back while I’m here as well. Cassie developed a serious skin allergy last year and lost most of the hair on her back and a little on her face. We are getting her back to normal with homemade food and treats. As well as daily coconut oil rubs and rubbing her down with a warm towel and diluted apple cider vinegar. A large portion of her hair has grown back, thank goodness, she was really starting to look like a mess. Poor thing.

2014-03-13 09.31.28 (1)

I always love seeing the duck and geese down by the river. Although I’m not a huge fan of the little green poos they leave all over the path.  2014-03-13 09.35.40

I’m not sure if these really are cherry trees but that’s what they remind me of. And they are all over Eugene.

2014-03-13 09.45.23

How do you know you live in a “hippie” town? Playground equipment that looks like a paper mache project.

2014-03-13 09.57.38

A view of the river from the foot bridge.

2014-03-13 10.14.17

Another view of the river from one of the view points. You can really see how swollen the river is right now.

2014-03-13 10.28.33

And we’re done and ready to go home. She’s not a fan of having her picture taken. We’re pretty sure she thinks we are stealing her soul or something.   2014-03-13 10.28.39She literally turned her head and wouldn’t turn it back until I put my phone away…lol. Neurotic I tell ya!

Anyway, although she is a pain in the behind to take for walks I know how much she loves it. And we’ve gone on way worse walks then this one, so I’m calling this one a success.

Do you have a crazy dog that’s hard to walk?



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