If Your Jewelry Box Could Talk, What Would it Say? 1

jewlery boxIf your jewelry box could talk, what would it say?

The jewelry in my jewelry box would probably say something like “Let us the F*CK out of here!” I’m so not a jewelry person. In fact on a daily basis I wear the same jewelry I’ve worn for probably the last 10 years. My wedding ring, my only real diamond stud earrings, and the studs in my triple forward helix piercing, and I really only wear those because I can’t get them off…lol.

However, for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry or accessories for that matter, I have a lot of jewelry.

Jewelry postThese are two of my favorite pieces. The top one is a hand painted piece my dad got me for Christmas years ago. The detail in it is stunning. The bottom piece is a piece I picked up at a mall kiosk for a whopping $3! Such a steal. I love jewel tones, and this necklace goes with quite a few pieces of clothing that I wear all the time.

jewelry postThese four necklaces all hold a special piece of my heart because Ben bought them all for me when he use to travel for work a lot. The green one on the left is real jade from a small village he was in, in China a few years ago.

Jewelry postThese two pieces are from Ben’s last travels to Malaysia. Not particularly my style, but I love them because he bought them for me.

jewlery postNow these beauties are very special to not just me but Ben as well. They are antiques pieces that belonged to one of his grandmothers before she passed a few years ago. The middle piece has a beautiful piece of polished wood in a gold frame. And the piece on the right is a huge locket, that I still need to put a picture in.

jewelry postThe jewelry I hate to wear the most are bracelets. Which is why I have so few of them. I just don’t like the feeling of them sliding up and down my arm. And my hands are so tiny I always feel like they will fall off if I swing my arm to hard.

This one I bought of a customer when I worked at a bank. She made it by hand, and there are different Egyptian kings and queens all around it. I have never actually worn this bracelet because it is basically laminated paper and I’m so scared of getting it wet. So it just sits in my jewelry box.

Jewelry postAs far as bracelets go, this one is my favorite. And the best part about it is that it was a gift with purchase from OPI a few years ago,which means it was FREE!!! It’s so cute and perfect to wear for Valentines Day or anniversaries.

jewelry postUsually if I do wear jewelry it’s almost always earrings. This is my tiny collection of earrings. I prefer the kind that have the hook, because I can just slip the hook under the studs I always wear. But again I very rarely wear any of these, so I don’t have any favorites.

So as you can see my jewelry is very neglected. I tell myself all the time that I need to wear more jewelry, but it just never happens. I think jewelry is beautiful, and I wish I could get myself to it wear it more often. Maybe I should make it a New Years resolution next year? LOL

If your jewelry box could talk, what would it say?



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