March Fitness Challenge Week 2 5

March Fitness Challenge

So I’m just going to start off by saying this challenge SUCKS! 2 of the moves are really hard for anyone who is even slightly out of shape (I’m looking at you Elevated Side Plank Lifts & Elevated Hips Inner Thigh Lifts!). I should have tried these moves before deciding to do them as a challenge. Lesson learned, always attempt challenges first before blogging about them.

That being said March Fitness Challenge Week 2 is done and in the books. Below you will find my daily exercise activities including the days I did the challenge as well as my calorie intake for the week. Calorie and Cardio wise I did fantastic, challenge wise not so much.

Saturday 3/8

Rest Day

We celebrated Ben’s birthday with his family today, so I ended up a little over my calorie. But it could have been way worse considering we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Goal -1200

Calorie Intake – 1317

Over – 117

Sunday 3/9

Today I did some major spring cleaning, which is where my extra calories came from. Who knew you could burn so many extra calories cleaning?

Goal – 1498

Calorie Intake – 1319

Under – 179 :)

Monday 3/10

Today I did a Ballroom dance video by Julianne Hough. It was roughly 45 minutes long and way harder than I expected. I used to be a dance many moons ago so I thought I would pick the routines up quite fast. Dancing is not like a bike. You don’t just get your groove back. I finally felt comfortable with the steps by the time each segment was over. All in all, I loved it!

1.5 rounds of March challenge (I’m lame and gave up on the second round)

Goal – 1526

Calorie Intake – 1403

Under – 123 :)

Tuesday 3/11

Did you know Youtube is a great resource for cardio (or any exercise) videos? I didn’t realize you could watch full length videos, I thought they were all commercial length. Anyway, I found a great channel Fitness Blender, they have a ton of videos. I went with the Fat Burning Cardio Workout.  Only 37 minutes long and you are sweating like a pig the whole time.

2 rounds March Challenge

Goal – 1517

Intake – 1385

Under – 132 :)

Wednesday 3/12

I took a rest day today. My knee was a little sore from all the jumping jacks the day before.

Goal – 1200

Intake – 1047 (way to low)

Under – 153

I know that that calorie intake is way to low. Today was one of those day where you just aren’t that hungry all day.

Thursday 3/13

Quick shout out to my big brother Erik who turned 37 today! Happy Birthday brother!

Today was such a good day. I took Cassie for a 4 mile walk around the river. I’ll have a separate post about that later. It’s always an adventure walking Cassie because 1) she hates bicycles, and everyone in Eugene rides one 2) she’s not great with other dogs which gives me anxiety every time I see one coming towards us. She did pretty good though. She didn’t knock anyone off their bike this time, and yes it has happened before…lol

2 rounds March Challenge (I’m so over this challenge already)

Goal – 1753

Calorie Intake – 1277

Under – 476 :)))

Friday 3/14

Happy Pi day everyone! I had clients all day today so no challenge or cardio today. To be honest I feel like I take any excuse I can get to not do this challenge. I really need to give myself a kick in the behind for the rest of the month. Good luck to me! ;)

Goal – 1200

Calorie Intake – 1145

Under – 55

I hope you are all doing better with this months challenge than I am. I am determined to make the rest of this month my B!tch, so we’ll see how that goes.

Check back next week to see if I’ve gotten my act together.



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5 thoughts on “March Fitness Challenge Week 2

  • Josie

    Wow! Kudos to you for being so motivated and holding yourself accountable! I’ll def check out those youtube channels… Another one you might want to check out is Blogilates. Her workouts are crazy hard but you definitely feel the results. She also puts together a calendar on her website that is fun to follow.
    Josie recently posted…Running journeyMy Profile

    • Boise

      Hey Josie, thanks for the comment. Blogilates is at the top of my list for channels to check out, as well as, and some others I’ve heard about recently. Thanks for stopping by. ;)


  • Sarah

    Choosing a body part–especially inner thighs (haha)–to concentrate on each month is an awesome idea! When my migraines go away, I would love to be this organized!
    Also, I love walking my dogs for exercise!

    • Erin Vaughn Post author

      Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. So sorry about your migraines. I suffer from them too so I know how you feel. I have found that yoga really helps relax my neck and shoulder which in turn lessens my migraines. Maybe it will work for you. Hope they go away soon.